Crude Oil and Natural Gas Marketing

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bigstockphoto_drilling_rig_silhouette_186301_cz3l.jpgThe crude oil and natural gas industries have always been inherently volatile.  Periods of boom and bust endured by corporate titans and wildcatters alike have come to characterize an industry that, in this modern era, serves a very strategic role within our national and international economies.  And even though much of the “Wild West” mentality is gone, we still find ourselves dealing with the continued market volatility on a daily basis.


Recent times have brought about new shale plays, advances in drilling technologies, and innovative hydraulic fracturing methods which have reshaped the landscape of the entire oil and gas industry.  However they have also come with price instability, logistical takeaway issues, and rapid fluctuations in market economics which, in some cases, have had a serious impact on the bottom line for independent operators.  Staying on top of these ever-changing conditions can prove immensely valuable monetarily, but can also become immensely cost prohibitive and time consuming for an operator who has many other facets of the business in need of their constant attention.


000003890095.jpgEnMark Services was formed in 1992 with the interests of the independent oil and gas operator in mind.  As a consulting firm who does not take title of the commodity, EnMark’s only objective is to seek out creative crude oil and natural gas marketing strategies that derive greater value for the independent operator and mitigate their exposure to risk.  Having an agent type relationship with EnMark empowers the operator with a team dedicated to keeping tabs on the day to day market fluctuations and their resulting long term impact on a company’s overall marketing strategy.  However at the end of the day the operator still holds the exclusive right to make their own final marketing decisions.  Yet these decisions are now better informed, more cohesive with a long term marketing strategy, and ultimately easier with all of the leg work done by the team at EnMark.








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